About Us

Reputable Import-Export Coaching Centre

KIC Institute of Training and Management is a leading Export-Import training centre offering specialized programs. We are committed to providing quality training and help those enrolling with us acquire essential skills and knowledge to establish a successful career in this field.

We understand that India is home to youngsters, who have a versatile and brilliant mind and the knack of doing business, in need of just the right guidance to help them establish a successful career. This is what we work towards with the help of our expert tutors and extensive study materials. We are always ready to help and encourage our participants to take the first step towards establishing a thriving career in international business and trade.

Our Mission

We are passionate about what we do and strive to create knowledgeable and professional business entrepreneurs through our detailed import-export training course and by inspiring them to venture into the industry.

Our Vision

Our aim is to become India’s top Business Management Training Centre for import and export and help all our participants realize the immense potential of the Exim industry and the numerous opportunities it can offer.

Our Values

We stand by our set of principles and beliefs that enable us to provide high-quality service:
  • Honesty
    Being sincere is a part of our core principles and helps us to be successful in our business. Thus, we maintain transparency in all our dealings to ensure you know how we work.
  • Integrity
    We have strong moral and ethical values that help us to maintain consistency in our business and create experts in the import-export industry.
  • Service
    We provide unparalleled service by developing a thorough understanding of the export-import industry and help individuals enrolling with us acquire the same standard of expertise.
  • Reliability
    We are dependable, and in addition to helping our participants acquire working knowledge of the field, we follow an unbiased approach, offer well-founded advice, and exceptional career support.
  • Straightforwardness
    We believe in fairness and loyalty, so you know what you get when you enroll in our import-export course.
  • Innovation
    We understand the importance of being unique, which is why we foster out-of-the-box thinking and creativity in our participants.
  • Motivation
    We understand the power of encouragement, which is why we offer complete assistance to our students so they can achieve their goals easily.

Why Should You Enroll with KIC?

We provide extensive training and strive to create a unique place in the education sector and society by:
  • Instilling knowledge about the import-export industry
  • Ensuring you have in-depth practical knowledge in addition to being well-versed in essential theories
  • Providing access to detailed study materials, including the latest developments in the import-export field
  • Offering programs that are curated to help today’s youth acquire the much-required skills to survive and thrive in the Exim
  • Supporting our learners through a variety of job opportunities
  • Helping you interact with professionals who are well-versed in the ins and outs of the international trade
  • Providing a unique style of training to help the participants become familiar with international trade procedures and systems

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